Whether a physician on staff has been served with a wrongful death claim or a medical malpractice lawsuit, or a patient has slipped and fallen on a slippery floor, you may suddenly find yourself in the midst of PR crisis. The first steps you take upon learning of the situation may make or break your organization’s reputation and long term goals. Indeed, one PR misstep and you may aggravate an already difficult predicament. As an established PR firm has seen this scenario occur again and again. We encourage you to err on the side of caution and contact us immediately at the first sign of disaster. Even if you are unsure if this is necessary, you can gain invaluable insight from our PR specialists that will serve you well into the future.

Step One: Contact a PR Firm.

An experience PR firm usually belongs to a large network of media and public relations professionals. A good firm has developed strong relationships with reporters and newscasters throughout the city and across the state. This includes television, print, radio, and online news media. We are also social media experts. When you need to portray your organization’s viewpoint immediately and across a wide audience, an experienced PR firm’s contacts can make this possible. We can help you craft the most accurate messaging that reflects the information you need to provide to the public. Perception is everything and first impressions last, so it’s critical that you act fast but with forethought. If your spokespeople are not seasoned veterans of hardball media interviews or do not have significant camera time in their background, we will provide the training they need. Our guidance will give them the confidence and skills they need in order to be effective representatives of your organization.

Step Two: Contact Your Liability Attorney

It’s important to seek legal counsel in situations that could lead to litigation. If you’re facing the possibility of being named as a defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit, you need a lawyer who focuses on that area of the law. They can provide you with the guidance you need to prevent missteps early on in the process which could otherwise work against you later. A solid legal defense strategy can work toward a dismissal of the lawsuit or an equitable out-of-court settlement with non-disclosure terms to minimize negative publicity. To protect your company’s best interests, enlist the help of a seasoned attorney as soon as possible.

Step Three: Advise your Staff

Armed with the information and insight from your PR firm and attorney, provide the detailed guidelines that your staff needs in order to prevent missteps. Any employee may be perceived as representing the company should an individual be questioned by media or a member of the public. Things could go sideways in a hurry should they say the wrong thing or provide information that is not meant to be public. Make sure your staff, and everyone who is employed or contracted by your practice, is clear on what they should say and not say and to whom they should direct anyone’s inquiries.

With the assistance of a PR firm and an attorney, your medical practice will have the proper guidance on whether a potential crisis.

To learn more about how a PR firm can help your organization, contact a PR firm in New York, today.

Thank you to the experts at Goldman McCormick PR for their input on managing PR in medical malpractice.