There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to chiropractic care. Patients who undergo back surgery often believe that chiropractic care may be unsafe for them. The truth is that it may actually help with post-surgery back pain. It is a good way to prevent the pain from returning. If you have undergone back surgery any time in the recent past, then you can still set up an appointment. Here is what happens when you visit the chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Mesa, AZ, after surgery.

Explain Your Condition

When you arrive at the chiropractor, it is important for you to be completely honest with him or her. He or she needs to know your medical history, especially when you have had spinal surgery in the past. It is crucial that you have the dates of your surgery, the type of surgery you underwent, and what problem it was meant to correct. In addition, if you have copies of medical records or x-rays, this could also help your chiropractor.

Undergo an Exam

Your first appointment will involve a physical exam. Your chiropractor will ask you different questions about your medical history and your current condition. In addition, he or she may also order x-rays so that he or she can have a full picture of your spinal health. While most patients who underwent surgery can take part in a number of chiropractic procedures, your exam will help your chiropractor understand the source of your pain and also what treatments are safest for you.

Discuss Treatment Options

There are treatment options available for patients who have undergone back surgery. These treatments may include:

  • Muscle work
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mechanical table massage
  • Massage therapy
  • Cox flexion distraction
  • Acupuncture

Your chiropractor will take your surgery, healing time, and prior injuries into consideration when preparing a treatment plan. Keep in mind that you always make the final decision. If you are uncomfortable with a form of treatment, you can always refrain from the care. Chiropractic care can, however, help those who have back pain or need rehabilitation after surgery.

There is a lot of misinformation that people spread about chiropractors. Most of this information revolves around chiropractic care being unsafe. This is far from the truth. If you are a back surgery patient, chiropractic care may actually help you. If you undergo an exam, the chiropractor will only suggest treatment if he or she is sure that it will not harm you in any way. Make an appointment with a chiropractor today.

Thanks to Lifecare Chiropractic for their insight into getting chiropractic care after having back surgery.